I saw the pain was in her eyes

Dartmoor in early morning mist - Diana Leighton

I saw the pain

I saw the pain before she spoke,

I saw the pain there in her eyes.

She said she loved but could not speak,

the trauma lived in all our lives

We said we cared…..but I’m not sure

we showed it when we should have done.

The trauma was too great for us,

we wished it all was past and gone

Her pain was inwards, silent, deep.

Her child had died so very young,

she’d held him gently in her arms;

cradled warmth, though he was cold.

Now years have passed and I can see

the pain’s still there in her brown eyes.

She smiles at memories on some days

inside I know, her heart still cries.

Diana Leighton February 2011