CHILDREN'S POETRY - The Missing Full Stop

This is a poem I wrote when I was getting into serious trouble for punctuation. I seem to have a blindspot. My tutor kept telling me off about the position of my commas and this is the end result.
 The Missing Full Stop
I'm searching for my missing full stop
it escaped this morning
and caught me on the hop.
It's round and little and very black,
it's smaller than the smallest tack
I've looked in books and there are loads
but none of them match the ones in my prose
I think that it's gone to look for it's momma
who looks curiously like my missing comma
But she has a tail and a bit of a dot
And a tail the full stop has really not got
So whoever has got my missing full stop
Please give it back as I'm loosing the plot
and my writing looks strange as it goes
on and on and on and on and on and on
as there's no stop to stop and I only need one
So please come back soon my little full stop
And if anyone's seen it please tell a cop!

Diana Leighton 14th February 2011