Sky Dancer

Sky dancer

Like falling leaves from a wind blown tree,
They twist,
then tumble free.
Screeching through a sky -
like scythes in flight
or jets that soar in an aerial fight.
All meet up, then
like ribbons that
from a maypole crown.
Tornadoes of feathers,
making fantasy shapes as they all unfurl.

A whisp of smoke
a rush of noise,

turning as one with grace and poise.
The rustling of a million wings
Nature’s ballet - an awesome thing.
Then a
and silence reigns
starlings roost in the reed beds again.

Diana Leighton May 2011

A Christmas Eve Poem

Wishing everyone wherever you are a very peaceful Christmas!

Christmas Eve.

So looking childishly into the cold night, I’m waiting. .

Indigo night sprinkled with sparkling stars,
showing the vast echoes of time past.
A horned and cratered smiling moon, beams down,
 lighting up frost made diamante´ paths.
Cobwebs made of fairy lights
drift on a far horizon, whilst
frosted, crystal trees blown
by an icy breath, shake, 
 their branches chiming like tiny bells.
Excited children shiver, whilst
their innocence escapes
through words of wonder as they
 sense the strangeness of this night.
 I seek a hand to hold,
seeing monsters where none exist.
The comfort of warm utterances and voice
turn brains to the texture of velvet.
Worried minds wait to be stroked
into peaceful, calming, gentle waves.
A voice soothes me and talks to me
again -  I  nod off to brief sleep.

For tonight is an indigo night, a magic night.
When the morning rides in it will bring new things
capturing excitement, fresh intentions and joy.
When the morning rides in,
it will usher into the world a childlike day.
This night seeds what will be sacred memory
to be forever recalled in wonder by one
who will no longer be afraid of monsters,
on crisp, sparkling, indigo, Christmas Eve nights.

copyright Diana Leighton 2nd December 2011