The picture is courtesy of Rick Bosman. Rick very kindly let me use this photo of a 1 metre sculpture he made
this is his site

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world -
 the master calls a butterfly." - Richard Bach


She was wrapped, trapped in her duvet..
For days she did not rise,
surprise with sighs and lies.
In her mind she was a butterfly.
She just lay
                          day after day.
But she was dream weaving;
scheming about leaving.
Her metamorphosis was due,
and no one had a clue.
She just lay,
                   day after day
When they broke down the door,
there was no trace of her
 any more.
She had taken flight,
sometime in the night.
All that remained
torn and stained,
was her old duvet

 and quite crisp
 like a

Copyright Diana Leighton March 2012

Hunting on a Saturday Night


Picture is of a wolf courting couple

Hunting on a Saturday Night.

It’s Saturday night and they’re all on the town
The boys hunt for girls and the girls hunt for boys
Towering heels click on pavements of stone
The girls all whine that there isn’t much choice.

Then four hours later, money well spent?
Fall outs break out and bitching is rife
Everyone’s pissed at a nightclub event
The atmosphere’s thick with a sense of strife

The hunting gets serious; testosterone rises.
She wolves use lipstick and perfume to tempt,
the males that are prowling snaffling their prizes.
The females just sneer and show their contempt.

Soon they are circling, the music gets louder
daring each other to join in the dance,
who will be first of the baying male crowd there
to grab the first female, and not leave it to chance ?

And suddenly silence, the hunting is pausing
The rules have been broken reaction is swift
Wolves are now howling a fight has been caused and
bottles are flying, there’s blood and there’s fists.

The she wolves are watching aroused by the action
of the dogs who continue their hormone lit fight.
The females are bored there’ll be no satisfaction,
so get ready for  hunting next Saturday night.

Copyright: Diana Leighton March 2012