Dyeing Day


The culprit was off the scene now.
The devastation caused was
lying around on the floor
for all to see.

The victims – all of white origin
were now a shade of yellow -
like a liver disease.
The legs and torsos
of various bits of body
in differing hues of yellow
reflected the death
of their origins.

With great sadness
they were gathered up,
and placed on a table
like a mortuary slab.
They were washed down
placed in a steel tomb
ready for the final moment
then there was the great clang
of a tomb door closing.

Later they were pulled from the tomb
still a pale yellow.
They were then hung,
on a line,
to dry.
Showing something of their
Original origins – white.

The culprit
A gold Indian cotton top
Was on a line
playfully swinging
backwards and forwards
in a warm breeze
in the sun,
laughing its cotton sleeves off.

Copyright Diana Leighton June 2014

The Gardener

The Gardener

The gardener is coming tomorrow -

he’ll trim the trees,

and sweep the leaves,

then do anything I please…

The gardener is coming tomorrow –

He’ll cut the grass,

and sweep the paths,

then do anything I ask…

The gardener is coming tomorrow -

he’ll plant me flowers,

and make willow bowers,

then do anything for hours…

The gardener came today…

he made my bed

 tussled my flower head

then done absolutely everything I need…

copyright Diana Leighton 2014