House Mouse

house mouse

Darting here, darting there,
Darting up, dashing down.
Scuttle, scuttle,
in a rush...

No time to stop,
no time to rest,
were always looking for the best.
Cornflakes, peanuts, pasta too
old stale bread some days will do.
I like to invite all my friends,
and family too as evening ends.

We have to rush
as time is short.
Were hoping that we wont be caught.
They have a cat thats sleek and black,
hes always lurking in the back.
But in the kitchen snug and warm
is where search parties meet and form.

Nibble, nibble.
Munch, munch,
we really are cuddly bunch.
We do try hard to leave no trail,
but when left behind we hear you wail...
Theres a mouse! Help! Theres a mouse!
Kill it! Get it out of my house!!

Mice really are so very cunning,
we always have the ladies running.
But we too have our families,
we need more understanding please.
So when a mouse runs over your floor,
just gently shoo it out of the door.

Diana Leighton 21st May 2011