Lady, the Dancing Cat

I wrote this poem for adults first and then friends said I should re-write it for 
children which I did. It is based on Poppy our little black cat who has a tendency 
tease. She always just steps out of the way when I go to stroke her.

                                   Lady the cat
Lady, with the snakelike eyes
dances to the rumba.
Twists & twirls,
bends and curls,
she’s a lively number.

Lady with the deep green eyes
Her friends they stand no chance.
She flashes and flings,
claws and clings,
she has them in a trance.

Lady with the flashing eyes
Really starts to smoulder
flicks her wrist,
jumps and twists,
then looks over her shoulder

Lady with the long lashed eyes
jumps quickly onto her wall.
Friends are howling,
cats are prowling,
she dances for them all.

Lady with the catlike eyes,
purrs sweetly at her boys.
Blows them a kiss,
gives them a hiss,
then dances to her toys!

Yes it was about a cat!
How about that?
                    Diana Leighton 20th January 2011