Pigeons sitting on my daffodils

 Pigeons Sitting on Daffodils 

I saw pigeons sitting on my daffodils,

when drawing back my curtains this morning.

Hanging from a tree were my old grey frills

 on the hedge my washing was adorning…

When the strong winds blew, it was a ship in sail,

with my bras and knickers on flag display.

I felt my whole world sink and I went pale; and

I wished the whole washing world would go away.

Then the chap next door brought my frillies round

I laughed and blushed then said it wasn’t mine

He smiled passed it over and now I’ve found,

my new ‘friend’ enjoys a glass of red wine.

 So if you see pigeons sitting on your daffodils
 It may bring you new friends and sexy thrills.

copyright Diana Leighton 2016