Did Life Stop?

Brean Down Beach, Somerset. Diana Leighton

Did anybody here hear
the missed beat?
the minute hand stop
or the second drop
the sun not shine
or all the clouds hide?
Did anyone notice
no birds took flight
or stopping singing?
Did the television
switch off
or the radios die?
Did musicians fall silent?
Did anyone
all the cars halt,
the sea draw back,
and were there no waves
or tide,
because the moon
Did all the flowers droop
their heads
and the animals
look up from their beds?
Did people fall silent
or wars stop
and the rain fall dry
or planes not fly?
Did the church bells
stop chiming
or poets stop rhyming
Did life stop?
They did in my head
now you my love are dead.
My life, my heart, the world ,stopped
for you.

The Last Night of Innocence

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This poem has just won a competition(May 2014) and was chosen to be in a Forward Poetry Anthology of poetry. 

The Last Night of Innocence or Death of the Maiden.

The moon shines bright on glacial eyes
A clown mask hiding hidden lies.
The eyes are blank, insane, all knowing,
the bedroom dark with grim foreboding;

A red mouth turns it's corners down
The clown desires the virgin's crown.
Pale light casts shadows where he stands,
viewing the maiden, he rubs his hands.
Clown is now a drooling whore, when
her maidenhead gently falls to the floor.

The gash now masked to an evil smile,
the clown laughs loud at his cunning guile,
he shuffles and hums, the nightmare proceeds;
the Dance Macabre is played at speed.
Now sated clown stamps his feet
dancing hard, not missing a beat.
The dance now faster
the clown the master as;
Spinning tops twirl
teddy bears whirl
dolls fight,
slashing faces,
cats hang mice
with liquorice laces.
toys are flung
all over the place
the clown has tears running down his face.

The nightmare he started finally slows.
A new day dawns, and soft light shows
the room has changed from old to new.
The toys have gone replaced by a few;
white lilies, perfumes and delicate lace,
the maiden a maid assumes her place.
The toy clown , abandoned, soiled, bereft.
The child that loved him grown up and left.