What the Cow Thought as it Stood in the Rain

What the cow thought about the rain
as she stood and watched the 10:30 train..
I’m facing north with my face to the fence,
it’s muddy and cruddy, I’m feeling quite tense.
Oh where’s the sun and fluffy white cloud?
She moaned as she chomped and farted out loud.
I need to see green and everything’s brown
I’m feeling moo’d out and it’s getting me down.
The rain it fell harder. The cow stood and belched,
the water rose higher making her squelch.
Her face it got longer she was so depressed
and dreamed of birds with their very high nests.
If I could fly high, up into the sky,
I wouldn’t be wet I’d be lovely and dry.
Nearer the sun would be cosy and warm,
but I know for a cow that just isn’t the norm.
So I’ll have to stay here and watch the train,
and pretend that it’s sunny with no sign of rain.

Diana Leighton 2011